Motorpool 615 – The Mission

Motorpool615 will serve the greater Nashville “old bike” community as a vehicle and social conduit in cultivating, enjoying and sharing our motorcycle culture. We are committed to consistent and up-to-date sourcing of information, events, and services to our members and guests.

About Motorpool 615

The purpose and the being of the Motorpool developed organically over months, even years, of casual discussion concerning the infrequent availability and occurrence of organized events tailored to the old bike community, its fans and followers. While, certainly, we in the “code” do have a smattering of vintage and classic bike events that warrant and deserve our enthusiastic attendance, the Motorpool was not content.

The quenching of this thirst for greater frequency in quality activity gave rise to the formation of Motorpool615 and its intent to focus the organization on just that, cultivating the 615 old bike scene. The Motorpool was launched in 2015 by a diverse group of zealous motorcycle riders, collectors and tinkerers in the “615” code.

While the founding “fathers” (yes, some of them are THAT old) reside in the Inglewood / East Nashville area, the range of their stomping grounds is limited only by the stamina of their motorized steeds. Join the Motorpool in taking the old bike scene to the next level.

Foundational Motorbikes

Welcome back to the new Motorpool615 Forum. Whilst feraciously consuming motorbike-related printed material (I really do like the pictures too!), I occasionally stumble upon the term “foundational motorcycle.” We all know what that […]

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What is a Vintage Bike?

Allow me to prime the proverbial well of the new Motorpool615 Forum. Because we are here together to cultivate, enjoy and share our fondness for Vintage and Classic motorbikes, let’s begin at the beginning. […]

By |April 13th, 2015|Categories: Blog|2 Comments

What's up, 615?

We're taking a pulse of the Vintage and Classic Bike scene in the area. Help improve the ( 615 ) old bike scene!

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