Allow me to prime the proverbial well of the new Motorpool615 Forum. Because we are here together to cultivate, enjoy and share our fondness for Vintage and Classic motorbikes, let’s begin at the beginning. What IS a Vintage motorbike? What IS a Classic motorbike? What do we consider to be the “quantifiable” definitions of Vintage and Classic motorcycles? Is it your understanding that each resides in a distinct time period, i.e., 19xx to 19xx? Or are you of the school of the “rolling bracket”…any bike that is 25 years and older is a such-n-such, etc? I’ve read numerous missives and diatribes on the topic by authors possessing various degrees of street cred, but still never quite come away with a clear picture of the chronology of the old bike landscape. So, with no further ado, tell us what you think…….